What makes a surfer happy? Algarve’s perfect surf spots are all around you!

Why we placed 9Ninelives surf camp in Algarve?  It was an easy choice: this region is world famous as a surfer’s paradise, which has the easiest access from Europe. It gives European people [...]


Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…Oh what fun it is to ride a surfboard not a sleigh Hey!

Well, everybody agree that Hawaii and Australia is well known worldwide as surf mekkas and places “must visit” if you love surfing and try to develop your skills. Here you can feel the true [...]


The most epic big wave moments of 2015

2015 was indeed a great year of events and achievements in the surfing world. Together with amazing skillful riders and out of this world tricks, the craziest things was packed into this year and [...]


Start with fun! What is better to know before your first surfing

Surfing is really a tough activity! You see how professional surfers easily slide on the blue surface and come to an idea to start immediately. But when you do your first steps, it usually turns [...]


Back to basics: how do waves form or amusing physics of the ocean

When you try surfing once, when you have this exciting feeling sliding on your first waves, you can’t stop, and you want to progress. Mastering surfing is all about mastering science: to develop [...]


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